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Social Distancing Fireworks Display in the Village August 22, 2020

19th Amendment

Description and information from 2020 Socially Distanced Fireworks Display in celebration of the 19th Amendment Centennial:

A social distancing fireworks display was held in the Village of Pittsford on Saturday, August 22, 2020 at 9:00pm to celebrate the 19th Amendment Centennial in Pittsford. Those wishing to view the fireworks were encouraged to do so from inside of or near their parked cars. The fireworks were visible throughout the center of the Village. Due to COVID-19 pandemic guidelines at the time, attendees were advised as follows: If you are in a public area to view the fireworks please remain at least 6 feet from others outside of your family or quarantine group and wear a mask or face covering even though you are outdoors. Masks are needed as others may walk past you; if you cannot be at least 6 feet from those outside of your group at all times, a mask is necessary.

Please note gatherings of crowds will not be allowed; gatherings of crowds to view the fireworks display will force their cancellation that night. Please observe these rules for the safety of all and to ensure the fireworks display can take place.

It is up to each of us to make sure we can all stay safe and enjoy the fireworks – please wear your mask and stay six feet from others!