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2011 Resident Survey Results

Our core values are the cornerstone of our organization. They provide the foundation for our mission and vision and are the guiding force for our decisions and actions. These values include being ethical, visionary, inclusive, world class and customer – centered. Our commitment to being customer – centered was the impetus for developing a Resident Survey. We recognize our customers as being the final judge of quality and performance. We strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We listen, learn and adapt our services and programs to anticipate and meet the needs of our customers – the residents of the Town of Pittsford.

In 2007 we conducted a resident survey asking for your feedback on town programs, services and facilities. We were pleased with the high marks we received from residents but we also heard what you identified were opportunities for improvement in the services we offer. This input helped us make decisions and take action to better meet your needs.

In June of this year, the Town of Pittsford once again asked for your input, this time through an online customer satisfaction survey of residents similar to the one used in 2007. We were pleased to hear back from 682 households – considered by survey standards to be a large and useful sample size for evaluation purposes. We also received hundreds of write-in comments from survey respondents. We are again pleased with the high satisfaction levels indicated for many areas and are examining ways to address areas you felt were in need of improvement.

A complete report of the survey results, along with a list of all comments received about Town programs and services can be found on the Town website. A copy is also available for viewing at the Town facilities listed below. However, for your convenience we have also produced this Executive Summary which highlights some of the key findings of the 2011 Resident Survey.

While we truly appreciate the community’s response to our survey we also highly value your ongoing questions and input. We invite you, as always, to share your ideas and suggestions with any one of our board members or staff.

Survey Background & Demographics

  • Survey was conducted online via the Town website; paper copies were made available at Town facilities (Town Hall, Library, Senior Center and Spiegel Community Recreation Center)
  • Total of 682 surveys completed; 19 of them completed on paper
  • 50% of total respondents were ages 45-64; 57% of total respondents were female
  • Respondent demographics closely follow census demographics for Pittsford
  • Over half of the respondents have been residents for 15 years or more

Overall Satisfaction

  • Satisfaction with overall Town government performance increased significantly, from 77% in 2007 to 84% currently
  • Satisfaction with the accessibility of Town government is also up (81%, compared to 75% in 2007)
  • Number of unsatisfied respondents extremely low in both areas (3% and 2% respectively)

Strategic Plan

  • Awareness of the Town’s Strategic Plan, a priority identified in the 2007 survey, increased significantly from 34% to 51%
  • Satisfaction levels rose for all four of the Strategic Plan goals, most notably for Fiscal Responsibility which increased from a 62% to a 78% satisfaction rate

Town Facilities

  • With the exception of the Recreation Center, Town facilities received high satisfaction marks
  • The Library and King’s Bend Park lodges have facility condition satisfaction rates of nearly 100%
  • The Recreation Center facility condition satisfaction level (54%) indicates many residents feel the facility is unsatisfactory

Community Events

  • All of the community events included in the survey received high ratings – from 81% to 93%
  • Nearly half of respondents had attended Positively Pittsford

Recreation Services

  • Satisfaction with program choices fell significantly from 2007; rates for the current choices of programs offered ranged (across program areas) from only 36% - 60%
  • Satisfaction with existing programs among program participants is quite high (ranging from 74% - 91% across program areas)

Town Parks

  • Satisfaction levels are very high for the Town trails and our six Town parks, ranging from 73% - 96%
  • Usage was greatest for the Town trails; 67% of respondents used them six or more times over the past year

Yard Debris Removal Services

  • Usage rates for the various services ranged from 79% - 86%
  • Satisfaction is very high, ranging from 91% - 92% across service types

Snow Removal Services

  • Satisfaction with snow removal overall is very high at 92%
  • Snow removal on respondents’ streets also received high marks with 84% satisfaction

The Pittsford Community Library

  • The Library is the Town’s most used facility with 85% of respondents using it in the last 12 months
  • Most are satisfied with the Library as a meeting place (74%) and are satisfied with hours of operation (88%)
  • Overall satisfaction among programs ranged from 89% - 97%, with adult programs and materials receiving the highest marks


  • Satisfaction is higher in 2011 for content, method and timeliness (ranging from 90% - 91%)
  • Familiarity with the Town website jumped from 58% in 2007 to 93% currently
  • Satisfaction is highest with the weekly eNewsletter (90%) but only 49% were familiar with it (although this is a significant increase from the 25% familiarity rate in 2007)
  • The desire for electronic communication (email, website) increased significantly while traditional means (mail, phone) fell off
A complete report of the Town of Pittsford’s 2011 Resident Survey, along with resident comments, can be found online at A copy is also available to view at the following Town locations: Town Hall, 11 South Main Street; Spiegel Community Center, 35 Lincoln Avenue; VanHuysen Senior Center, 1350 Monroe Avenue; Community Library, 24 State Street.