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Comprehensive Plan 2009 Update

2009 Comprehensive Plan

2009 Comprehensive Plan

PLEASE NOTE: The above link to the 2009 Comprehensive Plan Update is a very large file (5.76 mb) and may be difficult to view/download when using a dial-up connection.

The plan has also been broken into smaller, logical sections that may be easier to manage.
(Some pages are blank to keep the page numbering consistent with the Table of Contents.)

Table of Contents - 545 KB
Chapter 1 - 3.52 MB
Chapter 2 - 807 KB
Chapter 3 - 1.35 MB
Chapter 4 - 397 KB
Chapter 5 - 196 KB
Appendices - 276 KB

Printed copies of the 2009 Comprehensive Plan (Adopted October 2009) are also available in the Town Clerk's Office in the Pittsford Town Hall weekdays from 9am to 5pm