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Kite Day Story Stroll is this week at the Pittsford Community Center

Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story by Will Hillenbrand
Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story by Will Hillenbrand
Kite Day by Will Hillenbrand

Have you checked out our Story Strolls at the Spiegel Pittsford Community Center? Our Pittsford Recreation staff team has come up with an innovative and interactive way for kids and parents to read a story together. Story Strolls are exactly what they sound like simply walk at your own pace and read an entertaining picture book. Then, continue the story by taking home a story-themed craft pack creatively prepared by our staff! Each selection is handpicked to contain a captivating plot, meaningful illustrations, and rich vocabulary. The stories often have a seasonal theme and an uplifting lesson or message.

During the winter months, Story Strolls are located on the second floor of the Spiegel Pittsford Community Center; when the weather warms up, the Story Strolls will move outside to the Community Center field. 

Our current Story Stroll features the delightful picture book Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story by Will Hillenbrand! The Story Stroll is underway and goes through this Sunday, March 10. Kite Day is a charming tale that follows Bear and Mole as they eagerly anticipate flying their kite on the first windy day of spring. When their kite string breaks, they frantically chase after it. Despite facing setbacks and challenges, Bear and Mole work together to make the day a huge success. With vibrant illustrations and a heartwarming story, Kite Day celebrates friendship, teamwork, and the joy of outdoor adventures. You and your child are welcome to enjoy this inspirational tale any time the Community Center is open.

Story Stroll Craft Pack
Example Craft Pack

Once you have completed your Story Stroll, stop by the Community Center front desk and pick up a themed craft pack to take home! Craft packs are available Monday through Saturday from 8:00am – 5:00pm and Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm. 

Don’t forget to look out for future Story Strolls! The next two spring-themed Story Strolls are:

•    Raindrops to Rainbow by John Micklos, Jr. from April 29-May 5
•    Junebug: No Life Too Small by Nicole Daniels from June 3-9.

The Town’s Spiegel Pittsford Community Center is located at 35 Lincoln Avenue. To learn more about our programs, activities and services, click here to visit the Town of Pittsford’s Recreation page on the Town website, email the Recreation Department here, or call the Spiegel Pittsford Community Center at 585-248-6280.