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Town opts out of marijuna sales and lounges

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By a vote of 3-2 at its December 8 meeting, the Pittsford Town Board opted out of allowing marijuana sales and consumption lounges in the Town of Pittsford.  Sales of recreational marijuana will not be permitted in the Town, nor will marijuana lounges, unless the Town Board revisits this decision as to one or both. The Board passed Local Law #3 of 2021: Cannabis Opt-Out, which opts out of allowing adult-use marijuana (cannabis) retail dispensaries and on-site consumption sites from being established and operated within the Town’s jurisdiction.  

By the terms of the State law legalizing marijuana, marijuana sales and lounges would become legal in Pittsford if the Town Board had taken no action before December 31 of this year, with no ability to opt out in the future.  By approving the opt-out before the deadline, the decision has now preserved the Town’s ability to make a choice on this subject should its residents ever wish to revisit it.     

“Many of our residents have followed this matter closely,” said Pittsford Town Supervisor.  “Since I’ve been Supervisor I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a volume of public comment as we had on marijuana legalization.  Public comments received for the public hearing and for our previous public forum on this subject were overwhelmingly against marijuana dispensaries and lounges in Pittsford.”
Supervisor Smith continued “For me the most important consideration was to have confidence that our decision has the substantial support of Pittsford residents.  Based on the public response throughout this process, I believe we’ve honored their wishes.”

The Town’s vote does not affect the Village of Pittsford, which is an independent municipality and is making its own decisions in this matter.